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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is soon expected to take over the UK as the world’s second most popular study destination, just behind the US, according to the University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education.

Studying in Australia will boost your career prospects because graduates from Australia are desirable employees in any workplace. In most fields, an Australian qualification is recognised by employers throughout the world.

Here are just seven of the many reasons to make Australia your studying-abroad destination of choice:

1. It’s Multicultural
Australia is known to be one of the world’s most diverse countries. In fact, almost half of all Australians were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. 260 different languages are spoken in the country, with Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek being the most common after English.
This allows you to get high quality education in a safe and welcoming environment with a sense of belonging in this multicultural setting. Not to mention countless ethnic restaurants and various cultural celebrations available at your fingertips.

2. World’s Best Universities
Australia is internationally acclaimed to have one of the best education systems in the world. It is home to world-leading education institutions, premium training facilities, and outstanding student support services.
International students can choose from 42 universities, including 40 Australian universities (37 public and 3 private) and 2 international private universities. Moreover, six Australian universities are currently included in the top 100 in the world.

3. Easy Student Visa Access
Compared to many other countries offering education for international students, getting a Student Visa in Australia is relatively easy. Sure, you still need to meet a few requirements for your visa application to be successful, including being accepted into an education institution, having sufficient funds to cover education fee and living expenses, as well as proving your English language skills. You also need to arrange an appropriate health insurance and submit GTE statement. While it may sound like a lot, this process is streamlined and there’s a bunch of qualified people who can guide you through.

4. Post-Graduate Opportunities
If you would like to stay in Australia after completing your studies, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa that allows some international students to stay in the country and work after they have graduated.
And this is just one of the possible options to stay in the country. Because Australian education is recognised internationally, your degree from an Australian education provider can take you anywhere in the world. The majority of international graduates say their studies in Australia were a real advantage for their career.

5. High Standard of Living
Australia is a technologically advanced country with a strong, globally competitive economy. Its quality of education, healthcare, transport, infrastructure, and government services are rated well above international averages. According to QS Best Student Cities 2019, almost all of Australia’s major cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast – are in the world’s top 100 student cities.
Australians have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming, and Australian cities have some of the lowest crime rates in the world, offering security and freedom not always found in other parts of the world.

6. Australia’s Great Outdoors
Australia is considered one of the best travel destinations in the world. You can find more than five different climate zones, with UNESCO listed rainforests, Great Barrier Reef, the legendary Australian Outback and skiing winter resorts. Skies here are blue and air is fresh. And if you are a beach lover, you will be spoiled for choice with over 10,000 beaches, more than in any other country in the world.
Australia also has some of the most diverse and unique wildlife in the world. Even if you don’t get a chance to see some in the wild, there are plenty of wildlife park and nature reserves that offer close encounters with the continent’s most iconic animals such as koalas, kangaroos and emus.

7. Work While Studying
It is relatively easy for international students to find a job in Australia while studying. During the semester, you can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight, and you can even work full time during your break.
Many Australian degrees and vocational courses include work experience programs and internships so you can gain hands-on industry experience and grow your professional network.


Types of student visas in Australia

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What Documents are required for an Australian Student Visa Application?

Confirmation of Enrolment Confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds to study and live in Australia English language test results Medical insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) Suitable health assessment Completed and signed welfare agreement for minor students GTE Statement Other documents upon request. The deadlines for considering visa applications vary…


What Documents are required for enrolment in an Australian University?

Certified translation of a certificate of previous education English test results Motivation letter and recommendations Work experience (needed for some courses) Most educational institutions will also charge a non-refundable registration fee of AUD50 to AUD100, which should be included in your application. Some institutions waive this fee if the application…


English Language Proficiency

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