Academic Year in Australia

Generally, the academic year in Australian universities is split into two semesters. The first semester begins in fall, usually in late February-early March, and lasts until the end of May-early June. The second semester begins in late July-early August and ends in late October-early November.

A huge bonus is that you can start your degree from any semester. So, those who want to come to study in Australia immediately after graduation will not have to wait until next year if their graduation falls before the second semester begins.

It is important to keep in mind that some specialised programs (for example, language improvement courses before starting the your degree) are split into three or even four semesters. However, the end of such programs usually coincides with the beginning of either the autumn or spring semester.

If you are planning to study in Australia, it’s worth knowing that despite the large number of class classes, lectures and master classes, the educational process in Australia is largely based on self-study. Therefore, in order to successfully study in Australia, a student must be fully self-disciplined and interested in studying.