Education and Living Costs in Australia

Before making a decision to come to Australia as an international student, you need to understand the average cost of studying and living in this country and make sure you are financially prepared for such commitment.

Education Costs

Largely, the cost of your degree will depend on your education provider, location, the level of study, as well as the course you take.

The below list provides an indicative annual cost for various types of qualifications, excluding some high cost courses, e.g. medical courses:

– Language Course – around AUD$300 per week, depending on the course lengths and type

– School – AUD$7,800-$30,000

– Certificates, Diploma and Advanced Diploma – AUD$4,000-$22,000

– Bachelor Degree – AUD$7,000-$50,000

– Master Degree – AUD$22,000-$60,000

– Doctoral Degree – AUD$15,000-$42,000

In most cases, you can easily find the cost of your desired degree on the educational provider’s website. There may be additional costs related to your course, including course materials and access to institution facilities.

Australian universities charge tuition fees based on the amount of subjects you study during one semester. For international students, full-time study is one of the conditions on which a Student Visa is issued. This means that in one semester you must be enrolled in four subjects. If you are unable to study full-time for personal reasons (e.g. illness), the university may allow you to take fewer subjects without breaching the conditions of your visa.

Living Costs

Living costs cover a broad spectrum of expenses you are likely to incur while in Australia, including accommodation, groceries, energy and other utility bills, transportation, entertainment and leisure shopping.

The Department of Home Affairs has specific financial requirements you must meet in order to receive an Australian  Student Visa.

As of October 2019, the 12-month living costs are:

– For students or guardians AUD$21,041

– For an accompanying partner – AUD$7,362

– For an accompanying child – AUD$3,152

You can check the Home Affairs website for more specific information about how to work out the amount of money you might need to cover the costs of your stay in Australia as an international student.

The Insider Guides ‘Cost of Living Calculator‘ is also a useful tool to help you estimate the cost of living in Australia.

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