When applying for a Student Visa for Australia, you must arrange a suitable health insurance (OSHC) for the applicable period of time.

Medical care for foreign citizens in Australia can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to emergency situations. For example, an ambulance call can cost from AUD392 in New South Wales or, for example, from AUD1,265 in Victoria. And every day spent in the hospital will cost from AUD2,200 and above. Not every student will be able to pay such a bill.

OSHC is designed for such emergency situations and will help cover your bill. The insurance also covers some pharmaceutical expenses (approximately AUD300 per year). The services of a dentist, therapist and other specialists are not covered by standard OSHC insurance but can be included under a more expensive and comprehensive policy.

In Australia, there are several companies who specialise in OSHC, the largest are BUPA, Allianz, AHM and Medibank. On this website you can enter the required period of stay and compare the cost of obtaining insurance from different companies.